Never worry about Marketing or P.R. again

BuzzRamp is a marketing & P.R. platform that tells you what will work for your small business and nudges you to do it, so that you never have to worry about marketing again. Find out how.  

Become an instant marketing genius 

BuzzRamp gives you an instant marketing strategy that fits your business and schedule 

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Step 1...

Tell BuzzRamp what aspects of marketing you want to concentrate on. If you don't know, don't worry; we'll tell you exactly what to choose

Step 2...

Tell BuzzRamp how much time you can commit to marketing & PR. You can start from just 1 hour a week

You're done! 

You get a strategy to follow that makes the best possible use of your time and puts you on the path to success. 

Get all the expert help you need

We've got hundreds of step by step guides, tools that help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time, and experts ready to take the work off your hands if you need them.

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Helpful Guides

Every task comes with a step-by-step guide that makes accomplishing that task easy.

Tools & Reminders

Our tools make it quicker and easier to accomplish our most popular tasks. Our reminders make sure you stay on track

Real Experts

If you need extra help for whatever reason, our team of marketing & PR experts are ready to take the work off your hands

Achieve real results 

Stop guessing, stop experimenting and start employing tactics that really work. Here's just one achievement we've made recently using the BuzzRamp system on ourselves. 

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5 Day Instagram Growth 

We tripled our Instagram following and achieved 115 times more profile visits in just 5 days

Create your bespoke marketing mix  

You choose from the categories below what you need help with and we tell you the very best way to do it in whatever time you have available. 

Create your marketing mix now


Quickly create effective blog posts that your audience cares about, drives traffic to your website, and enhances your SEO. 

Traditional PR

You'll get a dynamic press release tool and a strategy to get your business on TV, radio and in newspapers. 


With our Facebook tool and strategies you'll be able to market your business without using ads, to attract people who will buy from you. 


Discover the right bio, hashtags, photos and tricks to attract thousands of genuine followers with just a few minutes work a day.  


CVs are dull. Instead tell stories about your business that will generate a huge following and a torrent of traffic. We'll show you how.  


BuzzRamp helps you create polls, twitter chats, optimise your hashtags and refresh your bio so you can increase your Twitter following. 

Influencer Marketing

We'll help you find the most relevant influencers and leverage their following to increase your sales. 


Video Marketing

We'll show you how to make high quality video content in a few easy steps, and how to make money from it. 

Customer Reviews

We'll give you a strategy that will show you the best customer review sites to use so that your reviews are seen by the right people. 

Professional Reviews

We'll show you how to attract the attention of that elusive reviewer who has the power to skyrocket your business.   

Marketing Fundamentals

You have set up a referral programme and an email list haven't you? If not, we'll show you how, and why it's important to your business. 

Public Speaking

Quick hacks to get you in front of people who want to buy from you at conferences, meet ups and trade shows. 

"I used to spend time researching the next step for my marketing and now I don't have to." 

Max Reich
Owner, Rubio Cafe, London

"The reminders make sure I make time for the things I know I need to do, but didn't always make time for before. This is great!" 

Icenie Finch 
Marketing Manager, Dirtbusters

"BuzzRamp gives us a PR strategy that works" 

Ruth Chamberlain 
Co-Founder, Investly

"It's not just advice, it's putting the advice into practice with the tools you're given that makes BuzzRamp different." 

Anna Shields and Emily Garsin
Founders, Starling Arts

"It's very useful to have a framework for my marketing & PR. It's reassuring to know I'm on the right path." 

Ben De Rivaz
Founder, Breca Swim Run

For £19.99 a month BuzzRamp gives you everything you need for your business's marketing and public relations.