BuzzRamp is a platform that helps you plan, create, manage and track Marketing & PR campaigns.  

Grow your creative small business to 1000 customers & beyond. Find out how.  

Plan your entire campaign in less than 5 minutes

Answer a maximum of 10 multiple choice questions and BuzzRamp will give you an instant, bespoke marketing and PR plan to follow based on the current status of your business and your level of marketing expertise.

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Easily create your campaign

We've got hundreds of step by step guides, tools that help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time, and experts ready to take the work off your hands if you need them.

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Helpful Guides

Every part of your campaign plan comes with a step-by-step guide that makes accomplishing it easy.

Tools & Templates

Our tools & templates make it quicker and easier to stay on top of your campaign. 

Outsource with 1 click

If you need extra help for whatever reason, our team of marketing & PR experts are ready to take the work off your hands

  • Using our Ideal Customer Tool will help focus you on marketing to people who most want to hear from you. Filling it in reconfigures our written tutorials so they become bespoke guides for your business - something offered by no other marketing service. 
  • Our Press Release Tool allows you to write and format a press release correctly so that it's much more likely to be noticed by a journalist
  • Our Blog Format Tool will help you write the kind of blogs that are a pleasure to read and people will want to share
  • Our Blog ideas Tool will mean you are never short of ideas for the 4 main types of content that perform well 
  • BuzzRamp's Pitch a Journalist Tool will allow you to write an email pitch that a journalist will click on and read
  • We also have further resources such as a comprehensive list of 'awareness days' to use in your marketing and journalist contact lists.  

Manage everything around your schedule

Set the number of hours you can realistically dedicate to Marketing each week and your plan will adjust automatically so that you are making the best possible use of your time. Start from just 1 hour a week. 

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We've boiled down metrics to the one number that matters. Every time you take action you'll get more points on your BuzzRamp score. If your score regularly goes up you will see success in your marketing. It's as simple as that. 

We'll send you regular reminders from our virtual marketing coach, Coach Buzz. He'll praise you if you're regularly taking action and tell you off if you're not; so that you have the best chance of succeeding.

Achieve real results with your marketing & P.R.

Stop guessing, stop experimenting and start employing tactics that really work. Here's what our users are getting out of BuzzRamp. 

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Studio Nelle experienced an uplift in their online sales after using BuzzRamp

Olive Road London achieved a 40% rise in Instagram likes and a significant uplift in their followers after using BuzzRamp

Marketing channels supported by BuzzRamp 

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Email Marketing

You'll find out how to attract more people to your mailing list and write emails that will make you more sales 


Discover the right bio, hashtags, photos and tricks to attract thousands of genuine followers with just a few minutes work a day.  


Quickly create effective blog posts that your audience cares about, drives traffic to your website, and enhances your SEO. 

Traditional PR

You'll get a dynamic press release tool and a strategy to get your business on TV, radio and in newspapers. 

Influencer Marketing

We'll help you find the most relevant influencers and leverage their following to increase your sales. 


Events Marketing

We'll show you how to promote your workshops & events in a few easy steps, so you'll always make a profit. 

For £10.00 a month BuzzRamp gives you everything you need for your business's marketing and public relations.