10 Valentines Day marketing ideas for your business

10 Valentine's Day marketing ideas

Valentine's Day overview

The 14th February, the day where love becomes airborne. People buy more flowers than Kew Gardens, enough chocolate to evict their teeth from their mouth and more teddy bears Hamley's. So you're probably thinking that if you don't sell:

• Teddy bears

• Chocolate

• Roses

You can't get involved in the gold rush? Well, fortunately, you're wrong. Even cockroaches are selling on Valentines Day! - we'll explain later. 

So how can you get involved in the almost £1bn party today? Simply because not everyone likes roses, some people can't stand chocolate and think teddy bears are for children. And it's good to stand out. Sometimes on a day like this, if everyone is zigging it's best to zag. Here are 10 ways that you can use Valentines Day to increase your sales if you don't sell traditional "love" items. 

Below is the amount of money spent in the UK in 2015 and 2016

10 Valentines Day marketing ideas

#1 Run a selection of Valentine's Day themed polls on your Social Media profiles. 

This will encourage your audience to create UGC (user-generated content) Which is a great way to promote your business, as:

1. You don't have to do too much, create a poll and watch the answers (hopefully) roll in. 

2. People are more interested in other people than brands. So if someone sees another person who they follow on social media interact with a brand they will be more interested in why they are interacting v.s. a brand tweeting. 

Ensure that it's relevant to your business. 

For example, if you run a pub, you can create a poll of two different drinks and ask your audience which one is the best for a date.

If you run a clothing store, run a poll that gives people the choice between two different outfits to wear on a date. 

#2 Send your Customers a Valentine's Day card. 

Yes, this isn't a mistake. You're allowed to tell your customers how much you love them. Without them you don't have a business! You are in a relationship with your customers. 

And like any other type of relationship, you should regularly remind the other person of their importance to you. 

When you do this though, it's best to show and prove. 

For example, send them an email saying how much you appreciate them accompanied by a gift voucher that is valid from  January 14th to February 14th. 

Don't tell them you love them and introduce a new product at full price. That's like telling your significant other you love them and asking them to pay for your holiday. 

#3 Get customers to share their best Valentine's Day experiences. 

People love to share their experiences, particularly their positive ones. If this wasn't the case social media would have died off a long time ago and Mark Zuckerberg would probably have a normal bank account. 

Romance is great way to spread positive vibes, particularly at this time of year. It makes one half of a couple say "awww, I want that" and the other panic, thinking "Damn, I need to up my game" 

Either way it brings positive attention to your brand. 

Also, it creates user-generated content which as mentioned before is a powerful marketing & PR tool. 

#4 Get customers to share their worst Valentine's Day experiences. 

As I said before people like to share. 

They will also share their bad experiences, it can be part of the healing process for them. They and other people can also find it quite funny - depending on their sense of humour of course. 

Also if a story gains some traction, your page will be the one people flock to. Which will increase your engagement rate, which leads to more customers. Result!. 

And yes of course, more User.Generated.Content. 

#5 Show that your products are actually suitable for Valentine's Day.  

Sometimes your products/services don't scream "Gift for the person I love" 

So you have to show customers, to change their perspectives on certain products.

The Bronx Zoo in New York City did a great job of pulling this off by completely altering many people's perception of cockroaches.

They are offering anyone who's willing to spend $15 (around £11 at the time of writing) the opportunity to name one of their many Madagascar hissing cockroaches (yep they hiss too. Lovely!)

For that you get and e- certificate to confirm the roach has been named. 

But if you really want to splash out, you can spend up to $75 (around £54 at the time of writing)  and get:

A roach pin

Roach socks 

Roach chocolates


*None of the products actually contain roaches

It's a surprising example but it just goes to show, if you position your product correctly however unusual it is, people will buy it.

#6 Run a Valentine's Day themed campaign

The most obvious one that springs to mind is a" 2 for 1" deal (as the V day is generally about couples)

If it's possible for your business to try to include as many of these as you can e.g. if you run a: 

Bar (2 for 1 on drinks, create your own custom drinks that are love themed and only available on the 14th February) 

Restaurant/cafe (2 for 1 on Valentine's Day themed coffee)

Go kart track (2 for 1 on karting sessions where customers can get Valentine's Day themed cars and have their photos taken and framed etc.)

Ice skating rink (2 for 1 skate sessions, with love themed music playing)

Clothing store (2 for 1 deal on all items, so if one half of the couple buys something they can get something for the other half for free or heavily discounted) 

Couples will be looking to do something together on this day. Offers like the ones mentioned above can encourage them to spend their money with your business.

#7 Create a Valentine's Day gift guide 

There a lot of people who wake up on the 13th February and panic. Because they haven't bought anything for their partner as well as not knowing what to buy for their partner. 

So they run to everyone's back up plan - Google, and search frantically for ideas. That's where they should come across your amazing gift guide. 

Now again, to a large degree it doesn't matter what you sell. (Things like insurance and financial services might a little more tricky) 

You can create a gift guide that uses common audience segments to help people buy the right for their special someone. 

Coach Buzz says:

Try sending out any Valentine's Day marketing communications in the run up to the 14th February instead of the day itself. This will give your customers time to act on your advice. 

Below is a funny, yet pragmatic Valentine's Day gift guide from one of the world's most successful YouTube stars, Lily Singh aka Superwoman. 

#9 Love the single people 

Not everyone has someone else to share Valentine's Day with. This is an opportunity to focus on a market segment that can feel neglected. 

Offering deals that encourage self-love and pampering would be great here. Be sure not to patronise them though, there is a fine line between the two. 

Ideas for this include the following

Create a "Single on Valentine's Day Guide" A lot of big brands do this to give people ideas on what to do when they don't have a significant other. 

If you run a business you can create one, either in video or text form and discreetly include your products and services as options for single people. 

Website Insider, has a great example of a great "being single on Valentines Day" guide. 

#10 Partner with another company

No, we 're not recommending that you join the dark side (whoever the Darth Vader of your industry happens to be) 

You could pool your resources with a complimentary company.

For example, a florist could team up with a chocolatier or a restaurant could join forces with a shoe store etc. 

It helps to bring more attention to your business at a time of year where a countless number of businesses are fighting for sales. 

A lot of people tend to buy some items to compliment others.

A man may buy chocolates, a teddy bear and roses for his girlfriend.

These three businesses when operating separately actually end up blocking each others sales even though they are not in direct competition. Teaming up for a day can make you both (as a team) more powerful. 

Pooling your resources, cross promoting each other's products and services can help all businesses involved make more money during this period v.s trading alone.


Follow our advice and do your best to take advantage of a day that almost £1bn is spent in the U.K alone. 


Assume because you don't sell

  • Teddy Bears
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Lingerie

that you can't make a lot of money on Valentine's Day. Remember the Bronx Zoo is selling roaches!

Want 5 tips that can quickly:

• Increase traffic to your website?

• Improve your social media profiles?

• Help you communicate better with your customers? 

• Create content that converts?

We wish you a happy and profitable Valentine's Day!

Asher & The BuzzRamp team.