11 great vlog ideas for your business.

11 great vlog ideas for your business. 

What is a vlog? Why is it important?

Vlog - is a combination of the word blog and video. Which means a blog in video format. 

Video is increasingly becoming a vital content format for businesses and marketers. Don't believe us - just have a look at these stats:

Coach Buzz says:

Video follows one of the golden rules of great content - it's better to show than tell. 

Vlogging is easier than you think. 

it's easier than ever to create a video nowadays with the constant advancements in smartphone technology. Today's smartphones have some outstanding cameras.  You no longer need an expensive specialist camera, your phone, and some other low-cost equipment is all you need to record a vlog. 

Creating high - quality vlogs can have a positive impact on your business. One of our favourites - The Blendtec series "Will it Blend" which dramatically changed the fortunes of Blendtec for the better. 

Coach Buzz says:

It's important to regularly post your vlogs. There isn't much point in doing a video "whenever you can" as your audience are likely to forget about you. 

Even if it's once a month, even once every two months, make sure it's regular. 

We've seen countless channels die simply due to the lack of regular content. 

Remember you can always repurpose your vlog and turn it into multiple content formats. 

11 vlog ideas

#1 Just talk. Or rant. 

This is arguably the most common type of video on the internet. It consists of someone talking about a chosen subject - a rant of sorts. This is quite an intimate type of video. One that can have a polarising effect on those who view it. 

Be careful with this one, have a good hard look at your brand and audience before deciding if it would be appropriate. 

There is a fine line between a good rant and a bad one. 

You are in some ways bearing your soul. Your opinion on a subject could be highly unpopular, potentially costing you countless customers. 

Be sure to try to avoid a majority backlash. 

Below is a good example of a rant from agency co-founder Gary Vaynerchuk - mainly because a lot of people view it as inspirational. 

#2 How to...

One of the most pragmatic types of vlogs you can create (if you do it properly of course) 

This is where you give instructions to your audience on how to do a particular task. 

People love to get easy to understand advice on how to do something they find difficult or don't know how to do at all. 

It's vital that you make your advice as simple as possible. Any unnecessary complexities will turn viewers off. 

Example 1: YouTuber "SunKissAlba" made a video on how to make delicious coffee at home. Great content for all coffee addicts out there.

Example 2: "The Stay at Home Chef" makes me want to ditch my diet with a brilliant demonstration on how to make chocolate cake. 

#3 Interview someone (relevant to you)

You don't have to be Oprah or Michael Parkinson.  

If you get the right guest, interviewing someone can be a captivating vlog. 

Ensure you do a high level of research before confirming your guest. Also, ensure that both of you agree on a clear direction/plan of how you want the interview to pan out. 

Ensure that the guest is relevant, keen to be interviewed and also that what they specialise in will be of value to your audience. 

The video below is an interview segment on Tech Crunch with NBA superstar Kevin Durant. 

Coach Buzz says:

Another benefit of interviewing someone is that that person will likely promote the interview as much as you. Doubling the promotional muscle of your content.  

#4 Document an event

Only do this if the event is relevant to your business. 

For example, if your business is in the fashion industry and you land tickets to London Fashion Week, document it. Similarly if you're a butcher you could document your trip to Meatopia

But a fashionista at Meatopia and a butcher at London fashion week would just be plain weird.

Try to create this style of video with as high production quality as possible, as it will have more share value. 

As we said before, you don't need a fancy camera to do this. Simply getting a stabiliser for your smartphone or even a selfie stick can dramatically increase the quality of your videos. 

Check out Gary Vaynerchuk (so good we used him twice) documenting his attendance of ComplexCon below. 

#5 Create a vignette

The dictionary definition of 'Vignette': A short piece of writing, music, acting, etc. that clearly expresses the typical characteristics of something or someone. 

This type of vlog is the shortest on our list, almost like an extended GIF. With 20-30 seconds of run time. The images on the screen should change every between every 5-10 seconds. 

Each frame is closely in focus, no distractions, until the transition to the next frame. The video should tell a meaningful story, which can be tough to do in 30 seconds.

Or it could demonstrate the functionality of a product or service. 

Example:  How to make iced coffee (with no commentary)

#6 Behind the scenes footage

This type of vlog is where you give your audience a peek behind the curtain of your business operations. Show them how the magic happens so to speak. 

You could film a day in the life of one of your colleagues and allow them to show the audience what they do on a typical day in their role. 

If you're an architect, you could show your process of designing a building. 

If you you're an artist you could show how you created your latest piece. 

If your process take a while, increase the speed of the frames per second. 

We've put two examples below. 

Example 1: Artist Marcello Barenghi shows how he draws a 3D picture of a Coke bottle. 

Example 2: Behind the scenes footage of the movie Suicide Squad

#7 Review a product or service

This is a great way to share your expertise or your opinions on a product or service.

For example, if you're in architecture, you can review the latest CAD software release. 

Or if you own a coffee shop you can review the latest iteration of coffee machines or blends. 

It's important to be unbiased otherwise your audience won't take you take you seriously. 

Below is an outstanding example of how to review a product from one of the world's top tech reviewers - Marques Brownlee

Coach Buzz says:

One benefit of producing this style of video is if your reviews gain enough views, don't be surprised if companies start sending you free stuff to review! 

#8 Best/Top List

Similar to a "Review" This is where you give a rundown of the best products/ or services that you use to run your business. 

For example, "The top 10 coffee brews" or "The top 5 communication platforms." 

These types of videos will help other people in your industry as well as your audience with their purchasing decisions. 

Once again, being objective is vital here. 

Youtuber Lucy Moon created a vlog on the best coffee shops in London below. 

#9 Create your own web series

Your own TV series. On the internet. 

Choose an engaging topic/subject matter, one that will take a few videos to fully explore. 

Here you can get a bit more in- depth and display a topic in a way that your audience may not have seen before.

For example, you could show how architecture has helped to shape history (if you're an architect). 

Or if you're in the coffee business, you could create a series that compares the attitudes to coffee in different regions. 

If you're an aspiring comedian, you could create a comedic web series. Ideally, you want to stick to 6 episodes per season/topic. With a maximum runtime of up to 60 minutes. 

Speaking of comedians, below is the first episode of Michael Dappah's web series SWIL (Somewhere in London) He is the comedian behind the viral sensation Big Shaq

# 10 Let the people decide

If you're still stuck for an idea, get your audience/customers to help you out.  It's likely they'd be more than happy to oblige. 

This is a great way of engaging your audience and getting great ideas at the same time. 

An easy way to do this is to run a survey on your social media platforms on which topic/s people want to see in vlog format. Twitter and Facebook both have easy to use survey features.

Coach Buzz says:

When running these surveys ensure that you have the capabilities to carry out the consensus. If you run a survey and the answer says that they want to see you skiing in Switzerland (and you can't ski), it can be a bad look for you.

Try to insist on the feasibility of a topic when running the survey - by giving people a few clearly defined options, rather than leaving it totally open ended. 

Then be prepared to do whatever the people demand. No one like a politician who doesn't follow through on their promises, the same goes for businesses.

#11 Tell a story 

This is where you take your audience on an emotional journey through a section of your company. You can show them the positive impact your company is having on different people. 

Show a problem that someone has and how your business is helping to solve it - in an emotive way.

Toms and The Real Coffee Bean Company both do a great job as you'll see below. 

Coach Buzz says:

Consider doing the types of vlogs that we mentioned in a live format. The downsides is that it's unlikely to look as polished as an edited version, also live TV is risky as there are no retakes. 

If you or anyone else in the video makes a mistake you can't edit it out. However the plus side is that you can potentially generate a lot of engagement with your audience. Weigh up the risk v.s. rewards carefully before considering this.


Record your vlogs on your smartphone, at least in the beginning. 

Put out vlogs regularly. It doesn't matter about the frequency, as long as the frequency is consistent. 

Try out different vlog formats to see which one your audience likes the most. 


Just do any type of vlog. Ensure that it's suitable for your brand. 

Feel that you have to buy an expensive camera, remember that your phone camera can do the job. 

We look forward to seeing your vlog online soon.

Until next time.

Asher & the BuzzRamp team.