Building the BuzzRamp

Where Buzzramp is right now, and where it'll be in the near future

Our vision

BuzzRamp's vision is to be able to help any microbusiness or startup company, anywhere in the world, to run their own successful PR campaign. The team behind BuzzRamp is currently taking their first steps towards achieving that vision. What you see on this site is evidence of the footsteps we've made so far. 

What's on offer right now

If you sign up for the site what you will get is a three-month programme designed for health and fitness providers. So if you're a sports coach, nutritionist, masseuse, personal trainer, yoga teacher, dietician etc. you are in luck. We've outlined a programme that will get your PR ramping up, whether you've got 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours to spare a week. Like putting a bookmark in a book, the site will remember where you've got to in your journey, so you can just pick up right where you've left off. 

If you're not a health and fitness provider but you are interested in the idea of running your own PR, we would urge you to sign up and have a look around the current system to get a flavour of what we're up to (and grab a few ideas!). 

Where we're headed

But we'll be honest. What you see right now is the bare bones of what we plan to offer in the very near future. Our system will offer a bespoke programme of tasks for every niche, a selection of tools to make those tasks much easier, a calendar that demonstrates all your PR activity at a glance, and intuitive metrics that show you how you're performing and keep you motivated. 

We expect to have that kind of functionality in place sometime in the second quarter of 2017. So make sure you sign up in order that we can let you know it's ready, and give you all sorts of early-adopter bonuses. 

We're loving building the BuzzRamp and can't wait for you to start using it.