How to: Draft your blog post in 1 hour

How to: Draft a blog post in 1 hour

Writing is hard

One of the first rules of writing anything is that the first draft of it will likely be horrible. Yes, you read that right, horrible. To draft a blog post can be hard work. 

But you have to allow yourself to write that horrible first draft of the blog post, because that mangled assortment of words will form the basis of your final masterpiece. 

Whenever I write blog posts for you, the first draft is an incoherent mess. 
I use which fills my screen and reduces my distraction.

Just write it 

You have to give yourself permission to Just.Write. 
Without worrying about punctuation, grammar, coherence, legibility (if you write on paper) 

Just write, with no filter, "brain dump" all your ideas about your topic onto the page. 

Forget about correcting, editing, (doing both simultaneously causes writer's block)  
Writing a blog post or anything is a lot like starting your first business. 

You will not get it right on your first attempt. But unlike your business, when you're writing you can fail privately. No one cares if you make a big mistake, because no one is watching

Below is a video from published author Ava Jae on writing first drafts. Take a look. 

Think like a child

When you were a kid, or if you have a kid, there is a fearlessness when they first start to learn to walk and talk. 

They tend to be quite resilient to failure (probably because they don't understand failure is considered "bad") 
It takes them years to have the "final draft" of walking and talking. 

They don't suddenly start spouting Shakespeare and doing the moonwalk after a week. (if they do/you did then congratulations you won the genetic lottery!) 

There is a lot of fearless waddling around, head bumping, limb bashing etc. As well as "goo-goo/gah gah" before they were/you were walking without you/your parents having a heart attack, and you finally saying things that remotely make sense. 

You need to have that same attitude when writing the first draft of your blog post. 

Coach Buzz says:

it's important to give yourself a time limit when writing the first draft of your blog post. (we recommend 1 hour) Otherwise it's easy to keep drafting and never get around to editing your blog post. 


Write your blog post without fear or judgement.

Get all of your ideas on paper.

Give yourself a time limit (1 hour)


Try to edit and write your blog post at the same time. 

Worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation at this stage. 

Get out all your ideas

You can also think of writing your first draft like squeezing a fresh orange for your orange juice or smoothie. 

You squeeze absolutely everything out (your creative ideas) until it's totally dry, then you worry about how you're going to use the juice later (editing)

Come back next week for our blog post on that. 

Thanks for reading,

Asher & The BuzzRamp team.