How to: Write an intriguing Instagram bio 

How to: Write an intriguing Instagram bio 

What is an Instagram Bio for?

Coach Buzz says:

The purpose of an Instagram bio is to provide easy to digest information that will encourage anyone who sees your profile to spend more time on it, as well as checking out your other platforms (e.g. your website etc.) Think of the photos on your profile as a movie and your bio is the trailer. 

Instagram is predominantly a visual social media platform. However, your bio still matters - a lot. 

Of course, each social media profile is an extension of your brand. If your brand is cool, calm and sophisticated you don't want to use ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS! in your bio. 

There are 5 main different components that make up your overall bio: 

Profile Image - Depending on your business, this can be your logo, a photo or an image. Just ensure the image is original and you own it. Instagram, like all social media, is a place where you want to display your brand's personality as much as possible. 

Bio - You've got 150 characters to write whatever you want about your business, so use them wisely. That doesn't mean you have to use all 150, it all depends on what message you want your brand to convey on Instagram. 

See below for some excellent examples of bios that have used all the characters, and others that have used hardly any. 

Call to Action Buttons - If someone has landed on your page, you have their attention. When you have their attention you can (hopefully) get them to do something. The three different types are:

  • Call - If you want to have phone conversations with your customers you can have your business number on your profile. Users can click on the call button and your chosen business number will appear for them to call. 
  • Email - You can have a button that allows people to email you. Users will click on this button and be taken to their default email app with your business's email address already inserted ready for them to send you a message.  
  • Directions - If you have a physical store, this button will give an address and directions to your store from where the user is currently located. 

Username & Name - It helps if this can be the same across all social media channels. This makes your business easier to find online and can enhance your SEO performance. 

Category - This is linked to the Facebook Page you used to sign up. You need a business page to use this feature. If you intend to use all 150 characters in the bio text, this can be a great way to save space.

Below are 7 examples of great Instagram bios. 

"Call to Action" Instagram bio

Gary Vaynerchuk - He lists what is important to him from a business standpoint, namely his companies and investments; he also posts a call to action link for companies that want do business with him. His username is also what people commonly know him as, which is clever and will make his profile easier to find. 

His accomplishments being listed first make his call to action more appealing. 

"Straight to the point" Instagram bio

Warby Parker - They keep it simple. Stating what they do (a unique proposition of selling glasses online and matching every purchase with a giveaway to someone in need.) 

They also include a link to their website, a Call and an Email button. They use the category of Sunglasses & Eyewear store. 

"Straight to the point" Instagram bio

Brick Lane Bikes - A SME bicycle store in east London. They also keep it simple and functional. 

Giving a brief description of their history and what they do. Being a physical store they have the Directions button as well as the address in text form. Being a relatively small store they have the call and email buttons on their bio too. 

Intruiging Instagram Bio

Soul Pancake - A content creation company - They have taken the minimal approach to an Instagram bio. It inspires a high level of curiosity. They clearly have confidence in their brand too with the phrase "We make stuff that matters" and give you a link below the text to find out what that "stuff" is and why it matters. 

"Trampoline" Instagram Bio

Vans - We use the word "trampoline"  because this type of Instagram bio actually wants you to "bounce to another one. 

Vans are a huge international fashion brand. On their bio, they have links to their other brand categories, making it easier for customers looking for something more specific to find it. 

"Straight to the point" Instagram bio

Brompton - The bike manufacturer keeps it simple, and lets the photos do most of the talking. It only alerts people that they are currently stocking the nickel edition as they've identified that's the kind of bike their Instagram audience would be in to. They have a link to the online store too. 

A cross between "straight to the point" and "call to action"

BuzzRamp - Here at BuzzRamp we keep it simple. We feature our tagline "We make marketing easier", when we plan to launch our platform and a link to our blog.We also have an Email CTA button as that's our preferred method of communication with our audience. We dropped a 



  • Use Call to Action buttons
  • Use your own images
  • Put a link to your website in your bio. 
  • Add your brand's personality 


  • Forget to put a link to your website in your Instagram bio. 
  • Use stock images for your profile photo. 

Want 5 tips that can quickly:

  • Increase traffic to your website?
  • Improve your social media profiles?
  • Help you communicate better with your customers? 
  • Create content that converts?

Thanks for reading! We look forward to seeing your interesting Instagram bios in the future.

Until next week. 

Asher & The BuzzRamp team