This plan will make your marketing easier

How to: Make your marketing easier

Creating a marketing plan can be tricky. Sometimes using a marketing model can make it easier. 

AIDAR is one of our favourite marketing models. 

A marketing model is a method of marketing. As flying is a method of travel. 

It stands for: 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
  • Retention 

By the end of this post, you'll understand AIDAR and will be able to use it to market your business better. 


No one will buy your product or service unless they know about it. 

Here you have to answer the question: 'How am I going to let my target audience know my product/ service exists?' 

Answer: Stand out from the crowd.

It sounds cliche we know, but in business you have to. And that crowd is getter significantly bigger every year. 

in 2016 in the UK alone there were over 650,000 new businesses registered. 

Your target consumer has never heard of your brand. They have busy lives and your competitors have already been competing for their finite attention spans before you began trading. 

You have to do something that forces them to stop and pay attention. Create something innovative (it doesn't have to be an advert) that no one has seen before. Something that makes your target audience say "Oh that's interesting/cool/amazing" 

A brilliant example of this is Alzheimers New Zealand and BBDO who came together to create a USB eraser. 

It's a powerful visualisation of the destructive effects of Alzheimers disease. It instantly grabs the attention of the consumer. You can see it here

The relationship between a business and their customers is similar to a romantic relationship. 

You're unlikely to ask for marriage in the first 6 months. But you are going to try and make the person you're interested in, notice you.

Speaking of interest... 


The question here is: What does my audience want to know? 

Answer: Listen to their questions and answer them well. 

Geico, the American insurance company has nailed this. Its commercials are wildly popular among Americans. These ads could also be put in the Awareness or Desire stage. 

Even if you don't have Geico insurance, if you live in America you've probably seen the Geico commercials. 

Gecio's consistent messaging throughout these ads is 15 mins can save you 15%

They've addressed two questions that their customers want answered.  

How much time will it take me? and How much money will it save me? 

Watch some their adverts below. 


The question here is: What would make my audience (really) want my product/service? 

Answer: Show your product in a different light and/or prove your claims creatively. 

You need to create a narrative that shows your product/service in a different light to what people are used to. You have to get your customers to feel "I want that" 

For example, Blendtec's famous "Will it Blend" YouTube series went viral. This is because it caused consumers to see the blender in a different light. 

A blender that can seemingly blend anything is desirable. (Even though the audience would never actually blend those things) 

It also helped to justify the high price in comparison with a lot of its competitors.  

Watch one of their videos below.


This is where the consumer makes a decision on whether they want to buy what it is you're selling. 

The question to answer here is: 

What exactly do you want your customers to do?

Answer: Make it easy and clear to them. 

For example, if they arrive on your web page where you want them to buy, subscribe, sign up, etc. It should also be easy for them to do it. 

Try to keep access to your product or service one click away from the page they land on. 

Netflix UK's landing page is a perfect example of how you can create an effective call to action landing page. 

"Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime" Reinforces what they will have likely already heard/seen about Netflix's offering. This also addresses any last minute concerns about accessibility and being locked into a contract. 

In the background are some of the shows customers will have access to if they sign up. 

It's instantly clear from the buttons what Netflix want you to do (sign up or sign in)

The red "Join free for a month" button is enticing and lowers the risk level for new customers. 

It's easy for customers to do what Netflix want (click one of two red buttons)

*This is the level of simplicity and ease is what you should be aiming for with your call to action/landing pages. 


The question to answer here is: How I do keep my customers coming back to me? 

Answer: Treat them like your other half. 

  • Look after them
  • Listen to them
  • Treat them with respect
  • Give them gifts (sometimes) 

These are all reasons for your partner to stick with you. It's also some of the reasons that your customers will stick with you. 

It's easier than ever for customers to access alternatives to the companies they already purchase good and services from. 

It's also cheaper and easier to keep someone who believes in you than to go looking for a replacement. 

A company that sets a fine example of customer retention tactics is Apple

They don't offer a loyalty scheme to anyone.

This is because they retain their customer by providing a:

Superior product offering - All their tech is considered high end and among the best on the market.

Customer service - They have a detailed support website where a lot of issues that customers have can be solved by visiting it.

Genius Bar - Apple have some of the best repair services in the tech industry, particularly if you have Apple Care. If Apple can't fix your product, or they can't figure out what the fault is. 

They'll give you a new one there and then, no quibbles, no charge. 

Retail Stores - The staff in their retail stores are helpful, friendly and highly skilled. Customers can use the products extensively before buying. 

Software classes - Apple offers free classes for it's software portfolio that anyone can attend. 

So AIDAR, is in summary. 

Grab your customer's attention by doing something different to the norm. (Attention)

Get them interested in what you have to offer by answering their questions (Interest)

Get them to desire what you have to offer by showing your offering in a different light. (Desire)

Get them to buy what you have to offer by making it easy for them. (Action)

Get them to do it over and over again (and maybe tell their friends) by treating them like your other half. (Retention)

Now go and use this methodology to improve your marketing. 

Thank you for reading,

Until next time

The BuzzRamp team