How to: Repurpose your content


Adapt for a different use or different purpose.

You probably don't have time to write a new blog post, or record a new video to market your business every week. 

Sometimes, half your time is spent just finding a suitable topic. 
So that's why we're going to show you how you can use 1 piece of content 9 times in 9 different ways.

We previously wrote a post on SOSTAC, another marketing model where we created a hypothetical cafe to explain different marketing models. 

For this post imagine you run Buzz Cafe, and apply the learnings to your own business. 

Content topic: The benefits of coffee. 

Step 1

You can start by writing a 500 word blog post about the benefits of coffee (we all know and love the benefits but bear with us)

Step 2

Use Canva  to create Social Media posters to promote the key points of your blog post for example: "90% of business owners say coffee is their favourite drink" 

Coach Buzz says:

On social media, being brief whilst still giving value to your audience is key. Imagine trying to compare the nutritional value of different coffee beans with someone you just met in a lift. You can't. Not enough time. But you can ask: "Hey Tony/Tanya whats your favourite type of coffee?"  and they can respond instantly without much effort. 

Step 3

Record an educational video for your YouTube channel on the benefits of buying coffee from BuzzCafe. (e.g. you will feel invincible after you've had our coffee)

This video can be between 2 -10 minutes long. 

You don't need an expensive new camera either. 

Here's two videos that show how easy it is to record a video on your smartphone.

Step 4

Then edit it so that you have a number of different 60, 30 or even 15 second segments for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Need a hand with editing your video? Check out some free, easy to use tools here.

Coach Buzz says:

Short form video works best on social media. People's attention spans are shorter on there. The original full length video would be unsuitable for all of your other channels with the exception of YouTube.

Step 5

You can also use Canva to create infographics summarising that video or blog post. For example, here is one we created that summarises this blog post.

Step 6

Live stream to your audience using Instagram LiveFacebook Live or Periscope

Here you can have conversations with your customers in real time (in relation to your business) receive suggestions from them and announce new products or services. 

Step 7

Record a podcast on the topic. This doesn't have to be an hour or two in runtime. 

Anything from 20 minutes onwards is sufficient. Don't feel under pressure to elongate. 

You can do this in any order, so your podcast can be transcribed and used for the basis of a blog post. That can become an infographic that can become a video etc. 

You don't necessarily need any high end audio equipment either here are some great tools to record and edit a podcast on the go. 

Step 8

If you can, record your podcast in video form too. So that it's more attractive to people who are visual learners. 

Again if you've got a smartphone you can do it using that.  

Watch the video below to see how easy and cheap it can be. 

Step 9

"Chop up" your podcast (video and/or audio formats) into small chunks. 

Similar to how a Joe Rogan fan did for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

Most of the original podcasts are at least two hours in length. 

But this channel has segmented each episode into smaller chunks ranging between 7 and 20 minutes with specific and engaging titles.  

Coach Buzz says:

Think of content re-purposing as playing a digital (and far more effective) version of Chinese whispers. You take one message and translate it 9 times in 9 different formats. In each and every format the message is clear to the respective audience. The message is never lost.

Also there isn't a set order in which you have to follow this method. For example, you can start off by recording a 30 second video about why coffee is so popular and it can be repurposed into a 2 hour podcast and a 2000 word blog post. 

If you can't do 9 that's fine too. For example, just turning your monthly blog posts into a podcast is fine, stick to whatever suits your objectives. We've chosen 9 to show you the extent to which content can be repurposed. 

Below is an example of how you can repurpose your content across a month. 

Want 5 tips that can quickly:

  • Increase traffic to your website?
  • Improve your social media profiles?
  • Help you communicate better with your customers? 
  • Create content that converts?

Now you know how to give your existing content new purpose! 

Thank you for reading, 

Until next time

The BuzzRamp team