Once a month, starting in April 2018, we’ll give you full disclosure about putting our money (or lack of it) where our mouth is by attempting to publicise BuzzRamp on a minimal budget. We’ll share some stats that we believe all businesses should monitor if they want to keep tabs on their marketing and PR efforts.

Domain authority

This is the score that lets you know how trustworthy search engines like google view your site, and consequently how likely they are to suggest your content to people who are searching for it. 


We hope in time the blog will be a big driver of traffic, but it’s going to take at least 6 months before any meaningful traffic starts to come in.

Target keywords in the top 10

We wouldn’t expect our top 10 keywords to start ranking for at least six months.

Just for full disclosure some of our initial keywords to target are: 

  • marketing plan
  • press release 
  • template
  • advantages of social media
  • what is Instagram
  • marketing strategy
  • marketing objectives
  • marketing plan for architects
  • how to write a marketing plan
  • publicity stunt
  • principles of marketing 

Web visits

This has mainly been people who are involved in the site or who have come through our early social posts. It’s not really worth delving into the traffic yet for any great analysis but we will be doing in future buzz reports.

Social media followers

Attempting to be active on so many platforms actually flies in the face of the advice we would normally give – to stick to one or two platforms and work out how to use them really well. So in practice we will be concentrating on LinkedIn (this is the best platform for B2B marketing) and Instagram (because you can still get high engagement). 


As we offer a B2B service, we intend to focus on LinkedIn in order to create leads.


We’ve been thinking about how best to act on Facebook. Posts so far have been sporadic. But we’ve got some plans for how to get things moving, whilst not spending too much time on the platform.


Although we have a 1000+ following, it’s not necessarily the right audience for our content so it may take time to correct that. Despite its many detractors Twitter is still a great platform for personal brand building, making connections and for customer service. So while not always getting huge engagement levels, we’re firmly not of the ‘twitter is dead’ camp.