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Step 1

The email you just clicked a link from has a seven digit number at the very end of it. To confirm your sign-up request carefully enter that number in the box below, then click the submit button. This will trigger another email with your temporary username and password (see step 2 below). Do not try and set your own username or password

Step 2

After completing step 2 You'll then get another email (with the subject "Site access details") containing a temporary username and password. So check your email again and use your the username and password we will send you in that second email to log in with. You can change your login credentials to whatever you want once you've logged in. 

P.S. We know this bit is boring. But in light of GDPR regulations we've been advised to put this extra step in the sign-up process to keep the site as secure as possible. Thanks for your co-operation.