How these three (or maybe just one????) designer makers are improving their marketing with BuzzRamp

"I've increased my instagram audience 20% month on month, seen sales increase and appeared on the radio" - Chanelle Joseph (Studio Nelle)

"I've dramatically increased my instagram following and sold out a record number of workshops" - Gemma Winter (It Started With A Stitch)

" BuzzRamp has given me the motivation to add more than 500 quality instagram followers. I've now passed the 1000 followers mark" - Sarah Richards (Olive Road London)

Case Study - Gemma Winter (It started with a stitch) 


A common mistake we see with designer makers when they first start working with us is that they are trying to do 5 or 6 different kinds of marketing at once. They feel pressured to build a facebook, instagram and twitter account, as well as putting press releases out and writing blogs. 

The truth is even a full time marketing team would struggle to do all of these things well (and they must be done really well to cut through all the noise online). 

Gemma's said: 

"I was struggling to know which information regarding marketing for my business was actually relevant and valuable to me. I was spending a crazy amount of time trying to cover all bases, with so much conflicting information out there about how and when it should be done."


Going through the process of setting up BuzzRamp encourages our users to really think about what's important to them. 

But as a rule of thumb each type of marketing you decide to do - whether it's blogging, making videos, instagram, or pinterest -  should take roughly four hours work a week. So choose the type of marketing that will resonate best with your audience. 

Gemma said:

"Since working with BuzzRamp, I've slimmed down the platforms I'm targeting which in turn has given me more time to make, along with making the time that I do spend on marketing so much more productive."



Gemma Said:

Thanks to the consistency within my social media strategy that I've gained from working with BuzzRamp I’ve added 20% to my instagram following every month, and been selected to take part in Lincoln’s first ever Etsy Made Local event. I’ve also sold out a record number of workshops and have had to add more dates which have also sold out!

Studio Nelle experienced an increased instagram following which led to an uplift in their online sales after using BuzzRamp

Olive Road London achieved a 40% rise in Instagram likes and a significant uplift in their followers after using BuzzRamp

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