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Pete Walter (Founder)


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BuzzRamp is a marketing and PR management tool that saves smaller businesses time and money. It gives micro-businesses, startups and solo-entrepreneurs a powerful step-by-step PR and online marketing strategy that fits around their existing schedule, and the easiest ways to put that strategy into action. 

BuzzRamp saves its users time by: 

  • giving a user a list of tasks to do that maximises the time they tell BuzzRamp that they can dedicate to PR and Marketing 
  • curating the latest and greatest tactics and advice in the form of tutorials so that our users no longer have to trawl the web looking for advice 
  • giving our users tools to help accomplish the tasks BuzzRamp sets them even more quickly 
  • allowing our users to outsource any task BuzzRamp sets them to a vetted PR/Marketing professional, with just a few clicks

BuzzRamp saves its users money by:

  • allowing them to run their own effective marketing and PR campaigns so they don't have to hire an outside agency or employ someone with marketing expertise 

BuzzRamp is for: 

  • any micro-business, startup or solo-entrepreneurs that don't have marketing or PR expertise and want to reach a bigger audience without spending big money. 

Notes on the team behind BuzzRamp

BuzzRamp’s board and early stage investors includes: 

  • Lindsay Charlton: the founding Chairman of Future Games of London (a mobile games studio, that was successfully acquired by Ubisoft)
  • Andrew Pettie: a senior content strategist with 10 years' experience as an editorial executive at London’s Daily Telegraph 
  • Brian Eastman: a multiple Emmy Award winning producer who founded Carnival - one of the UK’s leading independent entertainment production companies, whose hit shows include Downton Abbey. 
Founder Pete Walter is an award wining former TV Producer (BBC, Channel 4 & MTV) turned digital content creator and entrepreneur. Pete has run a media training company for 6 years – helping businesses to craft their media messages. Pete also worked for BBC News for 4 years and saw how many small business people were attempting to get publicity for their businesses and how they were failing. He has run social media campaigns for several private clients and has built websites and successful digital content for his own business as well as client businesses. Pete is currently planning an attempt on the world record for playing the piano underwater for the longest continuous time 


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Pete Walter (Founder)

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