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BuzzRamp is a marketing & P.R. platform that gives you a step-by-step plan to promote your creative small business and then nudges you to do it, so that you never have to worry about marketing again. 

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Designer-Makers that are already using BuzzRamp to get results

Since using BuzzRamp Chanelle Joseph has increased her instagram audience 20% month on month, seen sales increase and appeared on the radio

Since using BuzzRamp Gemma Winter has dramatically increased her instagram following and sold out a record number of workshops

Since using BuzzRamp Sarah Richards has added more than 500 quality instagram followers and passed the 1000 followers mark

Case Study - Gemma Winter (It started with a stitch) 

"As a small business owner I was struggling to know which information regarding marketing for my business was actually relevant and valuable to me. I was spending a crazy amount of time trying to cover all bases, with so much conflicting information out there about how and when it should be done.

After taking the BuzzRamp 7 day trial a couple of months ago it became clear that this was a service that could give me some useful and much needed structure within my PR and marketing planning.

I've found that I'm much more confident in how I approach my PR and Marketing, I've slimmed down the platforms I'm targeting which in turn has given me more time to make, along with making the time that I do spend on marketing so much more productive.

Thanks to the consistency within my social media strategy that I've gained from working with BuzzRamp I’ve added 20% to my instagram following every month, and been selected to take part in Lincoln’s first ever Etsy Made Local event. I’ve also sold out a record number of workshops and have had to add more dates which have also sold out!

Having 24/7 access to my personalised tasks to work through has been really valuable. The tutorials provided are brilliant if you're not entirely sure what a task means, and give you the reasoning behind why you're being asked to do things. Lots of these tasks are now becoming second nature to how I set up my working day. The reminder emails with my progress are a gentle but welcome kick up the backside to make sure I complete my given tasks!

Buzzramp to me is like that lecturer that understood you - knew what you  were talking about but still made sure that you were on track with clear and consistent goals. There's a personality behind the business that shines through and I'm really pleased that I'm a part of the success that I'm sure Buzzramp will bring to lots of small businesses.

I would  (and have) wholeheartedly recommend Buzzramp to anyone who's running a small business and needs guidance and structure with their approach to Marketing, PR and social media. It can sometimes feel like an unmanageable amount of work that is nowadays essential to an emerging business being seen and Buzzramp is really helping me find my way! Thank you!"

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BuzzRamp gives you an instant marketing strategy that fits your business and schedule 

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Every task comes with a step-by-step guide that makes accomplishing that task easy.

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Our tools make it quicker and easier to accomplish our most popular tasks. Our reminders make sure you stay on track

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If you need extra help for whatever reason, our team of marketing & PR experts are ready to take the work off your hands

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You've talked - we've listened. You told us you valued getting advice and support from real life experts as well as our system. So we now offer a monthly coaching call as standard to all users. 

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Using BuzzRamp will... 

Save you time by telling you exactly what to do and exactly when to do it. No more trawling the web for answers. 

Make you money by getting you more exposure and putting in place a proper marketing structure

Put your mind at ease. Completing your weekly BuzzRamp tasks gives you a sense of satisfaction that you're on the right path and you've done your best. 

What our clients are saying about BuzzRamp

Studio Nelle experienced an increased instagram following which led to an uplift in their online sales after using BuzzRamp

Olive Road London achieved a 40% rise in Instagram likes and a significant uplift in their followers after using BuzzRamp

For £19.99 a month BuzzRamp gives you everything you need for your business's marketing and public relations.